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For the shortest delivery times and preferential treatment of the shipment; this is an every day business for
F-airGate / 2GTR.

F-airGate / 2GTR look after the entire transportation process and this guarantees the highest degree of reliability throughout the process. As a result, your shipment arrives at the desired destination at the agreed time.

F-airGate / 2GTR guarantee the safe and prompt arrival of timed critical deliveries. On Board Couriers (Handcarry) this means that we actually send a member of staff with a shipment to check in, travel with and finally deliver the shipment to its destination with years of experience in dealing with these types of assignments for our clients, from large multinational high-tech electronics companies and automotive groups to leading fashion companies and designers.

F-airGate / 2GTR are Lufthansa TIME:MATTERS affiliated Belgium agent, transporting sameday material anywhere in Europe. With exclusive access to the whole Lufthansa network in Europe and the world.

F-airGate / 2GTR have the experience and capability to deliver your consignments from door to door 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

For more information please contact or call our 24/7 number in case of emergency!
+ 32 2 751 01 03